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Reinhard Hilgart

Reinhard Hilgart

Head of Payments and SWIFT @ Be STF Germany

Who are you?

Hello, I’m Reinhard and I’m responsible for the Payments and SWIFT service line at Be Germany. I spend part of my time working with customers on customer projects. A second important part of my work is looking after my employees in the service line. In addition to the annual personnel and target discussions, it is the training and further education and the deployment in a suitable customer project, which I try to implement in the best possible way for them. It is precisely this mixture that makes the work so interesting for me.

How did you come to Be?

A former colleague from the company I worked for before approached me and after a few conversations the task was so interesting to me that I decided to move on.

On what important projects have you already worked on?

I worked at Be on the migration of a large individual and foreign payment project for a German banking group.

What do you like about your work

Working with colleagues and the challenging topics in customer projects with payment topics.

What is your challenge for the next year?

Satisfied employees in interesting customer projects.

How do you like to spend your time?

Outdoors doing sports with my wife, gardening and on vacation with my wife and daughter.


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