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Roberto Realini

Roberto Realini

Be Shaping the Future | Switzerland

Roberto Realini holds a Master of Science degree in Business Chemistry from the University of Zurich and has been working in the banking and consulting environment for over 15 years, with a strong focus on strategy and management consulting.

Since 2020, Roberto has held various leadership positions at Be Shaping the Future Management Consulting AG (formerly Soranus AG) and, as of 2022, he has also taken on the role of CEO in addition to his role as a partner.

In addition to his role as executive and board of directors member of Be Shaping the Future Management Consulting AG, his areas of consulting expertise encompass «Holistic Banking Strategies», «Strategy for Digital Customer Interactions», «Overall Banking Transformations», as well as «Innovative and Sustainable Business Models». His values and principles consistently prioritize both clients and employees, placing a special emphasis on sustainable, collaborative relationships.


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